Augmented and virtual reality is not new to the entertainment industry. It has been around for quite some time now. When we talk about AR/VR in the entertainment industry the first thing that comes to our minds is gaming, but it is so much bigger than that.

One place where AR/VR has found a place is museums. AR/VR apps can boost the visitor’s attraction towards museums. If people are able to see what it really was like during the ancient times they can really connect with it and get proper and influential knowledge about the same.

Theatre is another place where AR/VR is making waves. Directors want their audience to feel what they are trying to potray. It is also a great way to keep the audience engaged and invested in the movie or play.

No introduction is needed for AR/VR in the gaming sector. So many games of such high quality and extremely detailed graphics are available nowadays. It takes the player into the game creating around him a world that he could only have imagined.
Augmented and virtual reality development in the field of entertainment is one of our most exciting areas of work and we look forward to providing a seamless and highly professional service through our work.


What’s the world without education? Gaining education about anything and everything is such a beautiful feeling. Many of you will argue that yes, you like to gain information and learn about different and new things but don’t like to read books. Well, we have the solution for you. AR/VR technology.

Education, as we know, is a huge aggregate in our lives but it is a huge problem with people having limited physical abilities or who live in places that are hard to reach. Bringing AR/VR technology in the education spectrum makes such great sense as it is not only interesting but also so engaging.

One of the biggest issues of the modern education system is the limited ability to describe and simplify complicated concepts. Augmented and virtual reality education apps can make the process of explaining complicated concepts less challenging by adding an interactive audio-visual factor.

The greatest benefit of AR/VR use in education is in the medical sector. Young budding doctors can now perform whole operations during their training with the help of augmented and virtual reality with greater clarity and a better understanding of the subject rather than performing the same on an actual human body.

Awakeen studios sees this field as an exceptional res to work in as there is a vast range of scope in it.


In today’s world, AR in the medical field is still a very young concept but it is on the rise rapidly.

It is generally used to train young medical trainees and is being used in the education sector for now. But in it lies the future of the medical sector.

The medical field is that which deals with impacting the lives of people so it faces an immense amount of scrutiny. The possibilities of the error have to be close to none.

This is possible only with the use of advanced technology and those being AR and VR.

When used well, these two concepts of technologies can help with better diagnoses and improved outcomes for the patients.

Awakeen Studio is effortlessly working towards developing tools for this sector which will benefit the firms working in the medical field which in turn will ultimately benefit the general public at large.


Augmented reality is revolutionizing the automobile industry very rapidly by offering innovative solutions for automobile lovers like AR display on the front screen displaying all the important information.

A digital showroom can be created with the help of AR.

Augmented reality in the automobile industry not only offers the solutions to its end users but also provides the solutions to the manufacturers creating augmented models.

Trainees within an automotive industry can explore the inner workings of an engine without any difficulty.

With the help of VR and engine simulation, the trainees can easily oversee operations and acquire the necessary skills.

We at Awakeen Studio strive to provide you with an easy and effective buildup to your business with the help advanced technology in the automobile field.

Real Estate

Real estate has been a labor and effort-intensive area of work without much use of advanced technology until now.

For the maximum of us, we think virtual reality is associated with video games and entertainment.

However, this technology has huge potential in the real estate industry.

When looking for a property, now you don’t have to take out your valuable time and visit the property physically. You can do it in the comfort of your home itself with the help of VR.

With the influence of VR in real estate, the selling cycle is shortened which in turn increases return on investment.

Here at Awakeen Studio, we have developed an entire gear of selling and marketing tools for the benefit of the dedicated real estate firms. The solutions we provide in this field opens up many possibilities and allows the marketing professionals to connect with their customers and generate genuine and effective leads.

Our work in this field ranges from Android to iOS for a range of devices.

Travel & Tourism

Over recent times, the use of AR in the Travel industry is on the up.

As a consumer when you check out a hotel before going on a trip you need all the information about the property and also the surroundings. AR ensures that much of this information is available 24/7 at times that it is most relevant.

The most prolific use of AR in the travel industry has been to introduce more interactive elements in hotels, improving the overall experience.

There are companies now that are developing augmented reality apps, which allows a tourist to enhance his physical locations and tourist attractions.

For eg- A user can point his/her smartphone towards a historical landmark and instantly be presented with all the information regarding the landmark.

This enhances the overall travel experience and allows tourists to take in more information on the go.

We at Awakeen Studio are working towards providing you solutions in the travel and tourism field for a range of devices and operating systems.


AR and VR, which are generally known for their advancement in the entertainment sector are now on their path to transform the banking sector.

The main aspect of advancement in this sector is data visualization. The ability to visualize data before investing your time and money in anything is a great confidence booster and it increases your trust in that particular company.

All of the facts and figures regarding your query will be in front of you.

With projections of the immediate physical surroundings, employees and customers can get a holistic view of banking operations and overflow processes.

Employee recruitment is another sector where AR and VR have made their way. A single recruiter can interview several candidates at the same time with the help of the recruiter’s virtual avatar.

AR applications that help people locate nearby banks and atoms are already in use and in the future, we will see AR applications providing the people with information about their bank accounts, transactions, and online payments.

At Awakeen Studio, we have been tirelessly been working in this field keeping in mind the new trends and changes in mindsets to provide you with the best in class assistance and support.


AR and VR in manufacturing engineering is another sector where it is attracting a great deal of work and advancement.

It is currently in the process of creating a permanent change in industrial development, production and operational processes of a manufacturing firm.

AR enables designers and engineers to create and optimize visual representations of colours, shapes, designs and graphics long before the 1st prototypes are even built.

With the help of Computer-Aided manufacturing, it is now possible to understand a virtual visualization of the different manufacturing processes.

The manufacturing industry is the mother of all industries but in this highly competitive business market, it is essential for the manufacturing companies to bring in new and innovative products with more efficiency and reduced time-to-market.

AR and VR are useful at various stages of manufacturing ranging from the layout of the product, its trial and error to further manufacturing processes like organising, inventory management and waste management.

Awakeen Studio is working to provide efficient and hassle-free support to the different manufacturing hubs for their betterment in genuine products.