AR and VR in manufacturing engineering is another sector where it is attracting a great deal of work and advancement.

It is currently in the process of creating a permanent change in industrial development, production and operational processes of a manufacturing firm.

AR enables designers and engineers to create and optimize visual representations of colours, shapes, designs and graphics long before the 1st prototypes are even built.

With the help of Computer-Aided manufacturing, it is now possible to understand a virtual visualization of the different manufacturing processes.

The manufacturing industry is the mother of all industries but in this highly competitive business market, it is essential for the manufacturing companies to bring in new and innovative products with more efficiency and reduced time-to-market.

AR and VR are useful at various stages of manufacturing ranging from the layout of the product, its trial and error to further manufacturing processes like organising, inventory management and waste management.

Awakeen Studio is working to provide efficient and hassle-free support to the different manufacturing hubs for their betterment in genuine products.